Tuesday, December 23, 2008

TONIGHT: Steelhead Holiday Storytelling!

Steelhead is presenting a lovely holiday storytelling event tonight starting at 4pm SLT in the Ballroom in Steelhead City. Readers will be participating via text, voice or the stream, so please be prepared to have all three methods set up. The program will be as follows:

4pm: Shalmendo Glineux - A Christmas Carol - (Stream: http://slan13.ipr365.com:10212)
5.30 pm: Miss Riven Homewood - The Gift of the Magi
6 pm: Miss Searra Weatherwax - Exerpt from 'The Hogfather'
6.30 pm: Forelle Broek - A Hanukkah Story by Isaac Bashevis Singer
7:00pm: Darien Mason - The Story of Chanukah
7.30 pm: Hotspur O'toole
8pm: VelesJaeger Munster - The Night Before Christmas
8:15 pm: Miss Elegia Underwood - A Christmas Miracle
8:45pm: Miss Malegatto Alter - 12 Days of Mad Scientist Christmas
9 pm: TotalLunar Eclipse & Tensai Hilra - The Giving Tree & Closing Remarks

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