Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Goodbye Kaiserine...

We have lost another of our Caledon community. Today we learned that the Kaiserine of Neualtenburg and SL cousin to Duchesses Gabi and Eva, Kendra Bancroft (RL: Maddie Blaustein), passed away in RL. I know that I' won't forget the great times I've had celebrating Oktoberfest with her (that's her doing the chicken dance!). Many Caledonians will also remember her participation in the infamous Neualtenburg/Caledon War RP for RFL in 2007. She was very funny and fun to be around with a wicked sense of humor and she will certainly be missed.

Updated: Miss Gray sent out a group notice with this hilarious call-in that she did. Positively hilarious. You can listen to it HERE.

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