Friday, December 26, 2008

Final Caledon Firth Regatta

Her Grace Duchess of Sound, thought that throwing a regatta to celebrate the Firth and giving it one last send-off as we know it in the face of the recent openspace sim changes would be a fun event. I agreed. I missed the earlier one and went to the later regatta.
I had recently purchased a coal-powered vessel and was ready to make my trip around the Firth with the others!I realized as I went around how well I knew these waters and how much I loved being upon them. As I chugged ahead towards the Sound Marina, I realized the others were now behind me!That meant I won the race itself! Oh my! Yay! I was tickled to accept my trophy, and Mr Vivito Volare won one as well for "Silliest Vessel" for his catfish in a bathtub!We celebrated as we Caledonians do best--with dancing! Even Mr Volare, and the Duke of Murdann, Lord Otenth, did so as well as a Viking ferret. A fun time was had by all!

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