Sunday, December 7, 2008

Exhibit Openings and Armed Paddleboats

Today was the opening of my exhibit at the Caledon Library! I was so tickled that there was such a good turnout! Gabi played my interview on her podcast, Voices in the Machine, where you can hear me discuss the exhibit, my working process and a roundtable discussion about designing Victorian fashion with Mr Nix Sands, Miss Fuchsia Begonia, and Lord Edward Pearse. It is a lot of fun to listen to. Everyone seemed to really themselves and the exhibit will be up until the end of March. A thank you to all who came out today to see it...Afterwards, I thought I would relax at Laval Point. I saw Col. O'Toole going by on one of his new little Mosquito paddleboats by Miss Commons. We chatted for a moment and he is settling in well at his new home here in Steelhead. If you'd like a paddleboat of your own, stop by his home's dock on the rock at Polymath Eyrie and look for a wooden box. It's only 1L, seems like a lot of fun and oh--did I mentioned it is ARMED?

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