Saturday, November 22, 2008

Grand Tour: A Farewell to Coughton Court

The Grand Tour has been going on since the early morning (for me), but I wasn't able to go until Gabi's "Tulips in the Snow" Ball at her Coughton Court in Caledon Carntaigh. Here she is with Baron Wulfenbach...I wore my 1891 Isabella Stewart Gardner Worth gown, which I specially created for my exhibit at the Caledon Library and will talk about at another time. I had a chance to dance with Sir JJ...
...and reminisce with my old friend, the original jager, Jagermeister Szondi--who reminded me that I was one of the very first members of the Jagerkin...
...and my wonderful Phin was able to join me, as this place is special to us as this is where we had our first dance over a year ago... It was a bittersweet evening for Gabi, as this might be the very last ball to be held here. I have had a lot of fantastic and fun memories here and with her in this place. If anything, tonight reminded me how familiar and comforting places can be here inworld as well. A hug for you Gabi, and thank you for all of the wonderful times.

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Gabrielle Riel said...

Thank you for the lovely writeup Elle! Saturday night was very bittersweet. I will still have events in the "new" Coughton Court, but I will miss Caledon Carntaigh terribly.

I wish it did not have to end after two years. Change is inevitable in's just not so fun when it forced on you.

Anyway, I will still be around and at home in Caledon, and that is all that matters.