Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jager Poetry Slam

For those of you who are familiar with Girl Genius, you'll know that jagers take their poetry slams quite literally. I put on my best Europan-style dress and headed over to the Huts des Jaegers in Winterfell Absinthe to join in on the fun. Let's just say that I could tell someone had just finished reading by the huge amounts of explosions I heard upon arrival...
I grabbed a mug of beer and quickly sat down at the table, not wishing to somehow end up almost two sims away like Frau Lowey...Later many of us put on our habits as befitting Steelhead's infamous Nuns with Guns, as fire, death rays, toilet paper, pies , parrots and other assorted items flew above us. You can see Miss Tanarian Davies and me below in one of her wonderful tiny habits (five versions according to religious order!) If you want a fun, silly time (with poetry mixed in!) , Jager Poetry Slam is held weekly. Contact Miss Annechen Lowey or any member of the Wulfenbach Consulate for more information!

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