Thursday, November 13, 2008

Positively Caledon

To me, the Guvnah's Mansion in Victoria City is like visiting the true heart of this nation. For anyone who has never visited it, you can find models and maps of the nation's regions and other Caledon-related things there. I stood in the middle of a large map of the southern sims, complete with its terrain and thought about Caledon itself...
In light of the recent announcements, there has been much anxiety. How will Caledon's landscape and its culture be affected? The simple answer is that it will change. The harder answer is trying to predict what exactly those changes will truly be in the long run. But as citizens, we must rest assured...a community is made of its people--and we are what helps to make a nation in the end. I dare say this in light of so many folks' disappointments and feelings of anger and do believe me when I say I am truly sorry that this has all happened...but we were once smaller as a nation and were fine. If our nation becomes smaller once more, then so be it. It has all been done, and unless the powers-that-be change their mind (which I sincerely doubt) then we must let go and move forward as a nation. Keep your chin up Caledonians!

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Zoe Connolly said...

Indeed yes, Miss Laval!