Thursday, October 16, 2008

Rivet Town Inventor's Expo

Phin and I took a quick trip to Rivet Town to see the Inventor's Expo, where I had a booth set up, along with many other inventors, designers and builders. We made our way to the boat launch to Rivet Beach...We walked around and came upon Miss Selkett Felwitch, who created a most unusual and simply elegant steampunk air vehicle. Sleek and lovely, its wings expand and contract. She will be making it available soon in her shops and I am glad as I was enchanted by it and look forward to flying it in the future.

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Bamika Easterman said...

My master and I were both so busy with organization and participation in the Rivet Town Inventor's Expo last weekend that neither of us had the chance to record and document it properly. We are therefore profoundly grateful to you your article on the event