Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Releases at E.Laval: "Ada" Steampunk/Victorian Ensembles

I thought I would create some new pieces for Fall. I've always enjoyed wearing uneven hemmed dresses with little breeches underneath. Good for adventure, yet still feminine at the same time. In that spirit, I am releasing "Ada", a steampunk-y Victorian outfit named after Lady Ada Lovelace, the first "computer" programmer herself! It comes with shirt with flexi lace cuffs, cropped vest, collared jacket with sculpted cuffs, sculpted hat, pants, belt, uneven hemmed skirt, brooch, gloves and knee-high stockings. You may find these on the aethernet or at my store in Caledon Regency. The Ada Black is also available at the Dark Victorian Emporium in Caledon Tanglewood...

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