Tuesday, October 28, 2008

An Evening of Meetings

I seemed to spend my evening inworld going from meeting to the next. The first was with Caledon's head librarian, Sir JJ Drinkwater, who asked me to be involved in developing an exhibit about the inspirations behind my work with an auxiliary exhibit about the work of the great couturier Charles F. Worth. It will be opening (hopefully) just before the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday and promises to be interesting...
Afterwards, I headed over to Steelhead, where--due to extreme lag tonight--the meeting was moved from Town Hall to outdoors in Boomtown, which was a rather interesting change of scenery. We were filled in on the last of the Scary Story events (tomorrow at 7, come hear!), progress on Port Harbor and the LL void sim issue. As Steelhead has no void sims, it will not be directly affected......something that was in direct contrast to the second town meeting the Guvnah held that I attended in Caledon. One again, concerned citizens had flocked to hear the news. The Guvnah was open, as always, about the nature of things and is trying his best to think of solutions in the face of this announcement. I believe it is a lot is wait and see. Yes, Caledon--like so many other themed communities--will be certainly affected, but it will not be the end of the community itself. Thanks for talking to your citizens and keeping us informed.

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