Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mannheim Water Tower Build in Steelhead City

For a month, Mr TotalLunar Eclipse has been working on a gorgeous build of the 1889 Mannheim Water Tower (Wasserturm) in Mannheim, Germany for the former owners of Novem in Babbage. It will go in their new sim and I've been taking pictures throughout its progress:

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Here are Miss Hilra and Mr Eclipse looking at photos of both the real build (right) and its reproduction (on the left)...
Before it is moved to his new home, he has temporarily set it down in Steelhead City next to the Hotel & Ballroom. I flew up to the tower's top to see its statue of Poseidon's queen, Amphitrite...
I think he did a lovely job with the statuary...It really is a spectacular build. You must go see it.

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Darien Mason said...

Yes, a spectacular build! I'd just like to mention that Novem is alive and well in its reincarnation as Port Novem in Winterfell Laudanum!