Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy Dances Throughout My Rez Day

Today has been a fantastic Rez Day, especially as I got to share most of it with those dearest to me. I did stop through Lady Amber's Imbolc Ball in the Moors again this year to celebrate the coming of Spring with a bit of Morris dancing...
Puck Goodliffe came inworld just for me and I danced my happy dance around him and his raven Ingrid as his wicker man blazed in front of his Caledon I home. If you are ever there, take a look at his address on his is special and one of the most unique in all of Caledon...My darling partner Phin and I managed a tango or two. As you can see, I continued to wear flowers in my hair for the rest of the evening...And upon returning to Laval Point minutes before my Rez Day's end, I found that Lunar had just brought greenery and Spring to Steelhead! I am a woman who enjoys the simple pleasures our life inworld offers, so that was indeed a fantastic thing. This has been a wonderful Rez Day indeed! Thank you everyone!

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