Monday, June 30, 2008

Blame It On the Unicorn

I walked down the street to find my neighbor and friend Miss Schnabel's home burned down to the ground and her cousin Mr Matova standing in the midst of the rubble and smouldering flames. " was the unicorn," he explained. "I was asleep and woke up to the place being alight. I barely made it out." I looked at the bottles of absinthe and champagne sitting before him on the ground and began to wonder. A lot. I mean, after all, the unicorns that I know in Caledon (such as Lord Vid and Mr Nightfire) are not inclined to arson.

Then Mr Garrigus arrived, dark hair swirling around him and shouting: "MATOVA! What have you done to my ROSES?!" And a chase was on. I have set a bucket of water on top of my mailbox...Just in case.

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Violet Schnabel said...

Oh goodness, my cousin returned to the scene of the crime? Apparently he is still 'on the lam' per the local constable.