Monday, June 9, 2008

And Elle Goes "Splat"!

"Hellooo! Come see my new toy!" I came outside of the shop to see Eds, aka Miss Caledon herself, in a very interesting steampunky air vehicle made by Loki Mahana of Castleworks. My reputation as a crash test dummy for new air vehicles precedes me (see any previous postings involving Kheph Enoch and flying), so of course I hopped in!We took to the air above Regency before finding ourselves in a rather unusual predicament...
We were in a nose dive spin that would not stop! "That is it! I'm getting airsick! We'll have to jump!" Eds said. "We have to what?!" I said as we stood up. "On the count of three. One...two...THREE!" she shouted over the din of the engines and we leapt out of the airship. I dusted myself off after my hard landing despite my parachute. "Are you alright Elle?" she asked and I nodded. "That was fun! I can't wait until it's truly ready!"

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