Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Steelhead Town Meeting 4/21: SteelCobra Gets Arrested

I had a bit of fun in Lunar's Boomtown shop last night. You can take a picture with a trout (FISH!) in front of Steelhead backdrops ("I visited Steelhead and all I got was this fish!")...As I've said before, Steelhead town meetings are rarely your normal staid civic events. Tonight, an explosive device was found in Town Hall...And Emperor SteelCobra was arrested and taken into custody by Mr Fitzgerald, in Steelhead SWAT ("Nuns with guns") uniform...
I'm sure Sheriff Fuzz will treat him well. God knows the rat won't. I can tell you that from experience!For more about the Emperor's arrest and goings-on in Steelhead, click HERE for the highlights.

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