Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dame Ordinal Leaves

I have been reading about the situation regarding Ordinal Malaprop's departure from the Grid with both sadness and interest. Mainly because as of late, I have often felt the same way.

Her concerns about the recent LiLa acquisition of Avatars United aside, I can understand the sense of logging in and feeling as if you are unproductive as a creator. Or unwilling to deal with whatever the latest drama the Grid or its citizens throw your way. I know that for me, logging into SL lately has been bringing more apprehension than enjoyment and I have always said that when it gets that way, why bother?

I used to love being inworld and creating and blogging. I used to love attending social events and exploring the Grid. I've gotten so tired of hearing about other people's dramas as they rant/complain/gripe their way through their time inworld. Why are you even in SL if it all sucks that much for you? That, combined with my own lack of motivation to create, has been a great source of inworld stress for me and you know what? I've been doing other things instead. I'm sure that it'll kick in and I'll be creative again. At least I hope so. Dia and I have talked a lot about "reclaiming one's SL", whether through downsizing, reinvention or taking a break from it (as I have been lately) to make it fun again. We can't be the only ones that have felt this sense of ennui.

As for Dame Ordinal, she's quite the inventor, scripter and personality. I took the pic above when we both got stuck at her shop in Caledon about 2 years ago. I was so excited to meet her for the first time. We had a great conversation and she demonstrated her latest product for me. Her presence--especially in the Steamlands of SL--will be missed.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Steelhead Town Mtg: 1st Chickening

The citizens of Steelhead gathered for their weekly town meeting. We are having a lantern festival on the 15th, and there is a call for folks to create their own. You can find out more about it here. And poor Mrs. P was Steelhead's first afk chickening of the year...For more Steelhead events and goings-on, please peruse the Sentinel.