Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Emperor's New Things

"Ellie, can you come over and see my new toy?" was the message that I received from Steel, also known as the Mad Blue Emperor of Steeltopia. Only he and one other in this world can get away with calling me by that nickname, and when he says "new toy", I am admittedly always a little nervous. When I arrived, he showed off the latest vessel in his naval fleet...
I did enjoy the blasting of its cannons and guns very much, but its Steeltopia colors fireworks was quite a pleasant surprise!Afterwards, I braced myself as we rattled through the streets in what I can only describe as Steel's "Transport O'Doom"...And he showed me the latest structure in town...the new Pneumatic Club, which has a fantastic central floor and should be a nice place for his dances and such in the future.

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